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Falling Apart

(Verse 1) 
Falling apart
Is not what it seems
Let me free from these fantasies
Calling my heart
It's torn at the seams
Let me free I'm begging you please
(Not left under the shadow)
Breaking free and off of this leash
(Not left into the past)
Falling Apart
(I'm not one of those
that once you're let go
you find your freedom won't last)

I Don't feel inside
That once you're left to die
There's no coming back now
Just Hide
(When you're on this path you still have the chance)
To turn around and fight
Don't lay down and die
You still have the right
Just try.
(Look out below just get up and go)

(Verse 2) 
Trying to depart
I'm lost in my dreams
I am blind to realities
Don't know where to start
I'm lost in these schemes
Let me free I'm begging you please
(I'm still lost it doesn't matter why)
Let me be who I want to be
(Out of sorts, and down to the core)
Falling Apart
(I couldn't believe
That I could'nt achieve 
The truth I was fighting for)


This war ends
Putting the pieces
To how it all begins
(Chorus) x 2