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Evil Fade
(Verse 1) 
Your born under fire, consumed by the ashes.
As you try to reach higher, your fought by the darkness.
You refuse to give in, but your surrounded with distress.

(Pre-Chorus 1) 
In the dark, you see a light.
It gives you hope, not to stop the fight.

When your all alone, no one is home;
you cant give up, just stand on up;
and wait for the day when evil fades away.

(Verse 2) 
You watch on the horizon, when all the smoke clears.
See the sun rising and burning away all your fears.
You feel the warmth on your face and see the light in the sky.

(Pre-Chorus 2) 
In the dark, you saw a light.
It gave you hope not to stop the fight.


(Pre-chorus 2)