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Breaking the Silence
(Verse 1)
There are bright blue skies hidden out of sight,
Hidden by the might of the vast dark night,
But I think it's time for the light to shine,
For the light to find those forced to be blind.

It's time that they learn,
What the sound is they heard.

We're breaking the silence right into pieces,
Don't try to deny it 'cause that's what the noise is.
Unwanted Resistance we're coming in heavy,
The silence is breaking you better be ready.
Ready (x2)

(Verse 2)
As the tremors stop you feel the after shock,
You feel your heart rate drop when you see the clock.
It hits the ground hard, it breaks into shards,
Yea it breaks in your heart 'cause it's falling apart.


Ready (x6)

It's broken in pieces, the time has arrived,
There's no need to fear & it's no time to hide.

(Chorus) (x2)
Ready (x2)

Ready (x3)