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Song of the Week!!!
The Song of the Week!!!
The 'Song of the Week', 'Band of the Week', & 'Other Genre of the Week' have all been merged into the new 'Song of the Week!!!'  This article will now include all genres of music, though mainly alt rock, so if you have any requests go to our forum page!
Week 53) They Don't Know About Us - One Direction

Category: Band Info | Added by: IceBurner (2010-04-19)
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This is one of their (Allstar Weekend's) songs on their newest cd 'All The Way' Most of their songs on this new cd I don't like, but this ones amazing! biggrin lol.

We saw him as an opening act at a Mitchel Musso concert a couple years ago and he was pretty good. I like alot of his (Jimmy Robbins) songs, I just found this one today.

Ok I found another song to pick temporarily, but if I don't get request in the next month and I can't think of any more song, Friday is commin

ok she pulled the video from youtube so I had to post one someone else put up. So sry it's really fuzzy in some spots inparticual. It's still the same song though.

come on everbody sing it with me!

friday, friday, gettin down on friday everybodys lookin forward to the weekend partyin, partyin ( yeah ) partyin, partyin ( yeah ) fun, fun, fun, fun, lookin forward to the weekend lol

This song is awsome:)

This is one of the songs from Mitchels new album "brainstorm" Don't know if you guys will like it or not, but I think it's kinda cool.

Re: My Immortal - Evanescence

gosh i love this song... lol

ya i actualy just kinda found out about em. so far i like a lot of their (orianthi) songs

re: according to you--i've never heard that song or even that group before, but it's a good song! good choice!

sometimes?! im always nice lol

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