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Challenge of the Week!
The Challenge of the Week!!!
Featuring a different game to test your skills every week, all using common household items.  All games featured are taken from the hit NBC show Minute To Win It!
Week 58) Disco Drop
Items Needed:
at least 1 CD (ones you don't care about if they get damaged),
1 Sharpened Standard Pencil
& something to hold the pencil vertical.


In Disco Drop, the player drops cd's from a height of 3 feet attempting to land 1 on a vertical pencil.
Challenge Level: 2-$2,500

Stand a pencil up vertically.  Place a stack of cd's on a nearby table.  Make some type of marker 3 feet above the tip of the pencil as a foul line.
Once the time begins, the player may begin dropping cd's 1 at a time from anywhere above the foul line.  1 disk needs to land around the pencil to win.  All disks must be dropped from above the 3 feet foul line, otherwise the disk will be void.
And of course, you only have a Minute To Win It!
In Action:
Some kid at home plays Disco Drop.  NBC doesn't have an official 'In Action' video for this challenge and the only video on youtube of someone playing this game was this one.  I know the kid is kind of annoying, but it's all there was.

Also remember to check out the forum page to see what item(s) are needed for next weeks challenge!

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thanks, Janal did most of the actual work, I just helped out smile but thanks, glad everyone had fun!

btw great job on the minute to win it party last nite tyler!

haha! i remember this one! illl have to try it

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